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The ISACA® Certified Information Systems Auditor® (CISA®) certification is the globally accepted standard of achievement among information systems (IS) audit, control and security professionals. The technical skills and practices that CISA promotes and evaluates are the building blocks of success in the field. Possessing the CISA designation demonstrates proficiency and is the basis for measurement in the profession.

This course provides an intense environment in which participants can acquire, thoroughly and properly, the skills and knowledge expected of a world-class information systems audit, control and security professional. In the process the course provides outstanding preparation for the CISA exam.

Learning outcomes

This course has been independently commissioned with three objectives:

  • To provide an in-depth understanding of the tasks and knowledge expected of a world class information systems auditor
  • To provide candidates with a clear understanding of the CISA examination and certification processes
  • To maximise your prospects at the CISA exam if you choose to sit it

Who should attend

The CISA designation is for Information Systems Audit professionals who have 5 years of front-line experience with the audit of information systems.

Course contents

1.   Achieving   CISA Certification

  •   Certification Prerequisites
  •   Examination Information
  •   Applying for Certification
  •   Maintaining Certification

2.   The Process   of Auditing Information Systems

  •   Management of the IS Audit function
  •   ISACA IS Auditing Standards and Guidelines
  •   Risk Analysis
  •   Internal Controls
  •   Performing an IS Audit
  •   Control Self-assessment
  •   The Evolving  IS Audit Process

3.   Governance   and Management of IT

  •   Corporate Governance
  •   IT Governance
  •   Information Technology Monitoring and Assurance Practices for Board and Senior Management
  •   Information Systems Strategy
  •   Maturity and Process Improvement Models
  •   IT Investment and Allocation Practices
  •   Policies and Procedures
  •   Risk Management
  •   IS Management Practices
  •   IS Organisational Structure and Responsibilities
  •   Auditing IT Governance Structure and Implementation
  •   Business Continuity Planning
  •   Auditing Business Continuity

4.   Information   Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation

  •   Business Realisation
  •   Project Management Structure
  •   Project Management Practices
  •   Business Application Development
  •   Business Application Systems
  •   Alternative Forms of Software Project Organisation
  •   Alternative Development Methods
  •   Infrastructure Development / Acquisition Practices
  •   Information Systems Maintenance Practices
  •   System Development Tools and Productivity Aids
  •   Process Improvement Practices
  •   Application Controls
  •   Auditing Application Controls
  •   Auditing Systems Development, Acquisition and Maintenance

5.   Information   Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support

  •   Information Systems Operations
  •   Information Systems Hardware
  •   IS Architecture and Software
  •   IS Network Infrastructure
  •   Auditing Infrastructure and Operations
  •   Disaster Recovery Planning


6.   Protection   of Information Assets

  •   Importance of Information Security Management
  •   Logical Access
  •   Network Infrastructure Security
  •   Auditing Information Security Management Framework
  •   Auditing Network Infrastructure Security
  •   Environmental Exposures and Controls
  •   Physical Access Exposures and Controls
  •   Mobile Computing


7.   Examination   Administration and Techniques

  •   Examination Administration
  •   Examination Techniques
  •   Frequently Asked Questions

Course fees

CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor

CISA 4-day course alone MYR 8,400 + SST
CISA exam (optional, see below) MYR 2,800 + SST
CISA course + exam MYR 11,200 SST


2  registrations -  10% discount
3  registrations -  20% discount
4  registrations -  25% discount

Course fee includes:
  • 4 days course presentation with Tier 1 international trainer
  • ALC comprehensive course workbook
  • Official ISACA CISA Review Manual
  • Sample Practice Questions and Answer Key Sample Practice Tests


The CISA exam is set, conducted and marked by ISACA.  All exams will be conduced online via computer-based testing centers around the world.

For more information and to register for an ISACA exam, please refer to the exams page on the ISACA website:

Check the exam schedule:

Exam Registration

You can book your exam with ALC or direct with ISACA (see above).

If you wish to book the exam with ALC and have both course and exam on the one invoice, please "add on" the optional exam voucher during the checkout process.