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CISM® , Cyber Security Foundation + Practitioner™

Wenzel is a dedicated senior leader focused on delivering to customers and empowering teams to be successful. He has a strong technical background that has helped him grow and develop his leadership skills. He has an impressive track record of growing business, delivering results and leading organisational change. He has a commitment to delivering genuine and valuable results to customers and motivating people to give their best to get the job done.

Wenzel has a passion for information security and has gained experience across a broad range of areas from consulting and leadership to governance and compliance as well as
architecture and technical delivery. He sees information security becoming an ever increasing challenge and enjoys being able to use his skills and experience to add value to customers. Wenzel has led and executed large scale initiatives including customer transformation and services creation particularly in networks and security. He has led architecture, technical, services, development and programme delivery teams to achieve success.

His background in managed services and delivery has influenced his commitment to ensuring everything he does and delivers is done to the highest standard and will deliver the right outcomes not just now but ongoing.

Wenzel has always enjoyed understanding and dealing with the underlying technology that delivers solutions. As a result he has a broad technical understanding in particular across security technologies and how they can be deployed to protect businesses and add value.

Wenzel enjoys empowering teams and supporting them to be successful but has never lost his
passion for rolling up the sleeves and doing whatever needs to be done to deliver.



“I just wanted to let you know that the trainer for this course (Cyber Security Foundation+Practitioner) here in NZ is really fantastic. He was able to explain the concepts and frameworks in a way that was very clear, with real world examples to help demonstrate things in a really relatable way.

I was most likely the least technically minded person on the course but was never made to feel like the concepts being taught were something I wouldn't be able to grasp, and my questions were never dismissed as too basic or irrelevant." - Alice Rogers, June 2019

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